Donnerstag, 31. Mai 2012

The EVOQUE NextGen Award goes to GON

Christina Steiner conviced the jury with her Label GON: The collection "Chambers of Wonders" bribes with flowing fabrics, variety of patterns, excellent fashioning and a touch of ethno.

Credit: Jürgen Hammerschmid
Another designer, which shine out, was Sophie Skach with a perfect staging, watch the video:

And that's the video of the winner collection:

Mittwoch, 30. Mai 2012

Lenny Kravitz rocks "mademoiselle chairs"

Kartell "goes rock!": The musician Lenny Kravitz reinterpreted six "mademoiselle chairs" which were originally designed by Philippe Starck. The rock icon used exotic textiles of fur, leather, python and woven materials. "Philippe Starck has been wonderfully supportive my design endeavours, so when he asked me if I would interpret his 'mademoiselle chair' for kartell, I was excited about the idea of two icons collaborating in this way. The Kravitz design take on the 'mademoiselle chair' is haute couture meets rock and roll," said Lenny Kravitz about his newest work.

Freitag, 25. Mai 2012

H&M's Winter 2012

Next winter the H&M woman is a strong, avant-garde character with special, sparkling details. The man is a cool and also chic businessman. The only flaw of the collection: some of the materials are stiff, scratchy and thus uncomfortable - but this does not apply to all.

Credit: H&M

Samstag, 19. Mai 2012

A Little Bit Baroque

The American designer Angela Friedman creates sexy lingerie inspired by the 18th century. But I think this corsets and ruffled panties are too awesome for underwear ...

Chanel's trip into the 18th century

Chanel's Cruise collection 2012/13 is inspired by the eighteenth century - in combination with modern, punk elements. Perfectly: The setting of the fashion show was Verseilles - a pupolar place at the moment (I just want to remember on Dior's last film).

Please note the watering can bag

Empfohlener Beitrag

Golden Globes 2016: My favorite Dresses

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